Housing and Costs

Cost of Living

2013-2014 Cost of Living

Theta Chi is not only a great way to experience brotherhood, but it also offers an affordable housing option. In general Theta Chi is much less expensive than living in the dorms. Living at Theta Chi can save you nearly $1500 a year, compared to the dormitories offered to students on campus. For the 2013-2014 school year it will cost $6000 ($3000 per semester) to live in house, which includes a two man room, complete meal plan, access to a full kitchen 24 hours a day, cable television on our 70 inch flat screen TV, free access to washers and dryers 24 hours a day, academic resources, scholarship opportunities, social interaction, and the opportunity to be a part of an incredible brotherhood!

If you have any questions please contact Neil Markuson at: mark5177@vandals.uidaho.edu

Check out this video house tour!

General Room Layout

Room Layout

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