If you would like to say hello to our chapter or post anything you would like to share feel free to leave us a comment! Please leave your e-mail adress if you are an alumni so we may be able to update your contact information.

13 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Great work on the website, A.K.! Looks great, and the update was much needed. Hope everything is going well up in Moscow! I miss you guys!

  2. Happy to see that you’ve gotten things back to the way it should be. Great work brothers. Keep it up. Wish I could come visit soon.


    P.S. hey, Mallet, where you at now?

  3. Hey Gang,
    The new site looks great.
    Rumor is that there’s a roadtrip in the work for Denton TX.
    Give me a shout out if you come through Oklahoma; I’m just down the road from UNT. I’d love to see you guys!

    Love and respect!

    -Ben 549

  4. Well it has been a long time since I was in Moscow, and about time I take a trip there.

    In the mean time, I am getting ready for an extended trip to the Himalayas, Eastern Nepal, and way North India.

    Then in late July, several bros from about 1975 and myself are going on our annual backpack, climb, and fishing trip in the Lemhi Mtns.

    Anyway I am glad you have a new site.


  5. Jim,

    Sounds awesome! Thank you for stopping in to say hello, we really do appreciate hearing from our alumni. Send us some pictures from your trip if you can, it would be great to show the chapter some of the adventure! Let us know whenever you plan a trip out to Moscow and we will throw a dinner for you or something.

    Love and Respect,

    -Theta Chi EK Chapter

  6. I was in Moscow last year for the 50 year anniversary and had so much fun I am planning to come again this fall for the BSU game. Is the chapter planning activities for that weekend?

    J.R. Romero #289

  7. J.R.,

    Nice to hear from you! We have yet to plan our year out so as of now there isn’t any word of something going on; Everyone will start arriving back to campus late this week and we will be planning things out right away so we can keep you posted if you like? Will an e-mail work later? We would enjoy having you over to visit!

    Theta Chi E.K.

  8. I was a pledge in the fall of 1962 in the old house that used to house the Alpha Chi Omegas – just north of the Sigma Nu house.

    I got my bachelors in 1966 and my JD in 1969.

    My daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren are now living on campus and I had a chance to take a stroll with them past the new house a couple of weeks ago – beautiful facility…..

    I’m curious about one of my pledge brothers – a Dave Smith who was a resident of Moscow – any idea how I can find and or contact him?

    Thank you,
    Don Swanstrom

  9. Nice to see the Epsilon Kappa chapter is doing so well at Idaho. Thanks for keeping the faith and making it work over the years.
    I’m an alumnus from 1976 (Chapter #202), graduated with a BS in Jounalism, served as Argonaut Editor-in-Chief and went on to get an MS and MBA at other institutions.
    Now a retired U.S. Navy Captain living in Southwest Florida, but I keep in touch with my brothers who lived in the old house with me.
    I’ll try to visit again one day, so continue to make us all proud of Theta Chi.
    Andy Hall

  10. Andy,

    Thank you for dropping us a message. It’s great to here about what our alumni are up to, congratulations on your retirement! We appreciate your continued support of the Epsilon Kappa chapter, hope to see you here soon. We will pass the message on to the chapter for you, let us know if we can ever extend to you the helping hand.


    Theta Chi E.K.

  11. It’s great to see the chapter doing so well. You guys have done a great job returning it to it’s glory. I stopped by this Thanksgiving and took some pictures. I wanted to look inside, but the doors were locked. We never locked the place when I was there, seems kind of crazy now. Good times were had in that house. Enjoy it, it goes by fast.

    Ryan Flett #440

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