Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Fraternity Rush?
Fraternity Rush is the process in which fraternities recruit new members. Rush is conducted informally as a series of open houses and activities which allow you the opportunity to visit each of the fraternities and to gain information about each chapter. Participating in Rush does not bind you to join a fraternity, but it gives you the opportunity to meet new friends and to see what fraternity life has to offer. Fraternity Rush begins in mid August, and lasts four days.

Q: Will pledging hurt my grades or athletics?
A: You can think of pledging as the most fun two-unit class you’ll ever take. While we do demand commitment, we also demand excellence in the classroom. We have pledge study hours, a test bank, and a scholarship chair, with the job of improving all of our grades.

Q: Do You Guys Haze?
A: No. Hazing – in addition to being immoral, illegal, and counterproductive to accomplishing the goals of any fraternity – is completely against everything Theta Chi embodies. That’s our promise to you.

Q: I don’t know if my parents will let me pledge…
A: Have your parents read this section. If they still feel reluctant, we would love to have them speak with some of our alumni or even our own parents. Theta Chi’s have gone on to become lawyers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and gentlemen of all persuasions.

Q: What’s all involved in becoming a member?
The first thing that you want to do is to come to our Rush Events. That will give you a chance to meet our current members, and we can get a chance to meet you. We urge all interested members to check out all of the fraternities on campus. At the end of Rush Week, the fraternity will meet to decide which men will make good brothers. We base this decision on attitude (most important!), interest, desire, academic standing and several other factors. If we agree that you will make a good member, we extend a “Bid” to you. A Bid is an invitation to begin the process of initiation. By the end of the week you will either accept or decline the bid. If you accept you are a “pledge” which means that you have made a commitment to join our fraternity, and that you will no longer seek out other Greek houses. After that you will participate in education sessions, in which you will learn about the Greek system as a whole and specifically our fraternity. Yes, you will be required to memorize the Greek alphabet! Then you will go through our initiation process. After you are initiated, you are a full member!! It may sound like a lot of work, but it is a very educational and growing experience that will help you to bond with your fellow brothers of Theta Chi.

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