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Please drop us a line if you have some time, any word from alumni is always great!

Alumni Listserve:

If you are an alumni and haven’t gotten on the alumni list serve, sign up and you can stay updated on chapter business.

Local Hotel Accommodations:

Here’s a list of local motels (or check for other nearby cities).

Hampton Inn (208) 882-5365

Hillcrest Motel (208) 882-7579

Mark IV (208) 882-7557

Palouse Inn (208) 882-5511

Royal Motor Inn (208) 882-2581

Super 8 (208) 883-1503

University Inn 800 325-8765

Moscow Chamber of Commerce (208) 882-1800

And don’t forget, you’re always welcome to stay with us at the fraternity. Send an e-mail our way Or give us a phone call, our house line is 885-9880.

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