Theta Chi Academics and Grades:

Fall 2012
-Theta Chi GPA 3.24 (Top in Fraternity Grades)
-All Fraternity GPA 2.88
-All Men’s GPA 2.83

Theta Chi Academic Resources
Theta Chi offers an excellent scholarship program that focuses on building study skills and providing an environment that helps enhance an individuals academic experience. Theta Chi offers study table five nights a week, which is a format were a room is set aside for a few hours so that members have a quiet place to study. Also, members who are struggling are given extra resources, such as tutoring.

Greek Academics
Fraternities and sororities were primarily founded to assist in the development of academic excellence. Joining a fraternity or sorority increases your chances for academic success and graduation. Utilizing mandatory study sessions and tutoring from older members who have experience in many majors, Greek life offers a great deal of academic assistance. University of Idaho fraternities and sororities are committed to promoting high scholastic achievement. For many years, the all Greek average has exceeded the all on campus and all residence hall average.

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